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02.06.2002 After well over a year without any relases, Krio 1.2.0 has been released with support for KDE 2.0.
31.10.2000 We released 1.0.2-pre1 which adds re-ordering support and some code cleanups. 1.0.2 will be released as soon as someone submits an update to the German translation.
24.08.2000 I've added file re-order support to CVS based on a patch from Chris Boyle. Before I release 1.0.2, I need German translations for the following phrases: "Move up", "Move down", "Move file up the playlist", and "Move file down the playlist".
24.05.2000 Version 1.0.1 has been released. This includes the German translation.
20.05.2000 Many thanks to Marcus Daniel for helping to correct my initial German translation.
10.05.2000 I commited a German translation to CVS (view here). Be very afraid at what babelfish, a German textbook, and a German - English dictionary can accomplish. Please send corrections, I know my translation is far from perfect.
05.05.2000 Version 1.0 has been released.
04.05.2000 Krio has now moved to sourceforge and version 1.0 (now with autoconf!) is going to be released soon.
11.09.1999 Yes, I'm still alive. No, I haven't forgotten about all of you. No, I haven't done any more work on Krio. No, I haven't recieved any patches.
01.08.1999 Hrmm, I got an email today saying that this site is now linked from "one of the german biggest MP3-Sites: MP3-World." I checked the site out, and indeed, there's a link to Krio on the MP3-Software for RIO-Player page. Anyone wanna submit an i18n patch for Krio?
21.07.1999 Released new version.
08.07.1999 Released new version. See changelog for details.
04.07.1999 a pre-release of 1.07 of the SBA code was released, expect to see Krio supporting the Rio SE.
29.06.1999 found and squashed a bug where file descriptors weren't being closed, expect to see a new release within a week.
24.06.1999 released the results of late-night hacking on krio, you can now set which io port to use from within Krio.
23.06.1999 whoop... I finally decided that I wasn't going to mail my rio back to diamond, so I opened it up and managed to find the loose battery contact and get it back in place. expect to see a new release of krio in a week or two. btw, there have been over 500 downloads of krio since I released it.
17.06.1999 I added a page with links to other sites about using the Rio under linux.
26.05.1999 I added a page with information about how people (who are so inclined) can contribute to Krio.
19.05.1999 I've got a mailing list setup for krio. Go here to subscribe.
13.05.1999 It would appear that something has come loose inside my Rio. Development is on hold until I get it replaced. I must admit, Diamond's tech support & customer service are very good.
12.05.1999 I re-uploaded 0.19990511 because the version number wasn't updated in the "About Krio" dialog. I fixed the bug where it wouldn't disable the buttons if nothing was selected. The fix will appear in the next release. (or you can email me if you really want it now)
11.05.1999 Released new version. Read the changelog for details. I've decided that I'm probably not going to implement an event queue. I also need to do some more abstraction with the classes.
29.04.1999 Going through the webserver logs, it would appear that this site is now linked to from (never knew they existed)

Don't expect anything new before the 15th. I've got finals, and a trip to Mass. to visit my old college. Hopefully between the 15th and 20th, I'll release a new version with the sorting fix, and an event queue. (event queue meaning that if you try to upload/download while the rio is already doing something, it'll wait until the rio finishes before starting the next thing.)
27.04.1999 I've got the sorting bug fixed, but I'm waiting until I've got the "doesn't check to see if it's already doing something" bug fixed before I make another release. If you really want the fix for the sorting bug before th next release, email me. As for the "doesn't check..." bug, I'm trying to decide whether I should implement an event queue, or just locking... which would you prefer?
25.04.1999 Uploaded version 0.19990425 which has massive security fixes.
24.04.1999 Announced on freshmeat. Restructure complete. Abstracted KRioListView class. drag 'n drop is working for local files. Uploaded version 0.19990424

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